Sunday, February 10, 2013

Zendala post - One of the most relaxing activities for me is Zentangling.  I often put it down for months at a time, because there's alway something more important to do, or I'm too tired, or whatever the excuse dujour is.  I "waste" a lot of time blog-hopping.  Even more than Facebook or Pinterest, I like to follow blogs in my Google Reader - I used to use Brief and loved it but it doesn't get along so well with the latest Firefox versions.  

Like anything else on the internet, one peek leads to another, leads to a photo, leads to a website, leads to looking for what the heck did she make THAT with, leads to etsy, google, and so on and pretty soon 2 hours have passed.  Hmmm, I guess that also is a Zen activity.  

Anyway, I think I found starting at . How I got there, who knows.  But since I like Zentangles, and like doing them in a mandala version, I downloaded week 38's template:
and came up with this:
Even when I do the mandala type, I don't usually follow the same pattern in every section, so that was different.  The dark petal shapes I filled in with Sharpie, not gonna waste my Pigma ink on that!

Unfortunately, I was still in the throes of bronchitis, and added to chronic insomnia, I slipped back into a fog of exhaustion and uncontrollable coughing.  Added to that working at the pharmacy, and seeing a doctor for the first time in years after the palpitation/ER episode, and filling website orders, well, that was about all that got done.  For some reason, in November of last year I decided that I wanted some "time off" from my 3 day a week job, and arranged to work only 2 days a week from mid-November till the end of the year.  Given the nature of my job, though, I was still working the same number of hours, just longer days.  Still, it  was one more day a week of not having to crawl out of bed after 2-3 hours of sleep, coughing fits that brought me to tears, and the gallons of Delsym that only helped a little.

Things stayed like that, and the zendalas faded from my mind for a while.  I didn't always remember to check my Google feed reader, and if I let it go for a few days, I was just as likely to just mark everything as read and not even look through them.

I came back to it at week 42:

I liked this mandala-string, and my finished piece was:
So that's #42, which I did last night AFTER I did #44:

Though I did the round version (and only took a quick photo):
 OK, can't stand that photo, so here's a better one:
That was about it for creativity this week, other than the smashed, beaten and tortured hearts I posted earlier in the week during one of my "I don't want to live on this planet anymore" tantrums...
There ya go...that's me about 70 percent of the time, but my glasses aren't as thick!  :-)